About S & G Holding Group

Founded in 2007 initially as an IT company but since then we have grown and incorporated electronics in to our business model. We want to make sure we deliver the best service at the best prices to our customers so with this in mind we started building our own data center in the UK.

By 2014 our state of the art data center was completed and we could bring all web hosting, dedicated servers and virtual private servers in house. This allowed us to offer better prices to our customers and be on hand in case of any faults.

Webreger.com which is our website design & web hosting company based in Southport is a fully accredited member of Nominet. This allows us to register domain names for our clients direct at the source rather than through third parties like so many other companies. This eliminates problems down the line as we have direct access to all aspects for our clients rather than having to wait while third parties deal with problems should they arise.

We are always looking for ways to improve the products and services we offer our customers and although all our businesses are stand alone businesses we do expect each one to conform to our overall company polices.

Should you wish to discuss any aspects of our businesses your first point of call should be directly to the business in question. If however this is not possible or your concerns have not been answered you may contact us in relation to your concerns. Our contact details can be found on our contact page